Decision – 26 February 2016

The applications by the ASTROLABE COMMUNITY TRUST for:


1) consent to “dump” the remains of the MV Rena, its equipment and cargo on Astrolabe Reef as a result of the grounding of the vessel on 5 October 2011 pursuant to Section 15A of the RMA; and


2) consent to “discharge” any harmful substances or contaminants from the remains of the MV Rena, its equipment and cargo that may occur over time as a result of the degradation of the vessel pursuant to Section 15B of the RMA; have been granted subject to a comprehensive suite of conditions outlined within the  451 page decision document.


A full copy of this decision is contained in the links below with hard copies available through the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.


MV Rena Decision – Full Report – Volume One and both Appendices


The full report is broken down into sections as below:

Table of Contents and determination of panel

Part 1 Introduction background and factual context

Part 2 The applications and their scope

Part 3 The legal and statutory context and hearing process

Part 4 Assessment of environmental effects

Part 5 Maori Values

Part 6 Consideration of alternatives

Part 7 Evaluation and overall finding

Part 8 Determination

Volume 1 Appendix Proposed consent conditions 23 October 2015 Decision Version

Volume 2 Appendix 1 – Proposed Conditions of consent 30 October 2015 Tracked changes

Volume 2 Appendix 2 – Attachment A to conditions of consent Rena Project Copper Recovery Report April 2015

Volume 2 Appendix 3 – The Common Bundle – relevant statutory provisions and instruments

Volume 2 Appendix 4 – Hearing Appearances


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